Changes in our organization

Service Division reorganization

The Service Division has been reorganized in early 2019 in order to have one dedicated team focusing on services and lifecycle solutions to ship owners and rig operators. Our portfolio of services includes modernization, maintenance and spare part business for catering and accomodation systems.

In erlier years, the modernization business was part of the newbuilding divisions of ALMACO. However, the scope and demands of modernisation projects often have major differences compared to newbuilding projects, prompting ALMACO to create a dedicated team under the Service Division.

This dedicated Modernization team allows ALMACO to respond to customer needs in a more agile way, while allowing to keep and develop the required expertise in this specific market segment. The team is headed by Erik Schobesberger for sales and by John Petrie for project delivery.

With over 20 years of in house experience in modernizing vessels around the world, we have the expertise and large global supplier network to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient and logistically convenient solutions.


ALMACO continues its globalization by establishing a subsidiary in Germany to serve its German customers locally, faster and in their own language. ALMACO Group GmbH is located in Hamburg in the heart of the maritime hub. The new office opens its doors to the public on the 2nd of March 2020.

Frank Röder is ALMACO’s Areas Sales Manager located in the new Hamburg office.