Customer Focus

Interactive Delivery

“Our customers rely on us to solve challenges, offer alternatives and make their lives easier when building and operating their units — and the importance of getting it right is critical. We put our customers first. You are our priority.”

After 18 months of building the next amazing vessel, our customers want to know they have all the information they need to care for the areas we have just delivered on their brand new ship: the galleys, provision stores, refrigeration machinery, laundries, cabins or public areas.

Not only does our team work relentlessly to deliver the areas as expected, but we also make sure our customers have all the tools required to keep the areas and equipment functioning at optimal levels. There are three intuitive ways of accessing information about ALMACO deliveries: onboard with the QR Codes on each of the products and online with our eManuals and Product Databases.

With easy access via through the Customer Login tab on our website or directly via the database link abase/ , our customers can access our interactive e-manuals. They provide easy and efficient access to each of the areas and products in a user-friendly interface allowing our customer to quickly find the information needed such as manuals by deck, area, and product. Additionally, the easily searchable product database gives our customers quick access to all the information regarding the selected equipment or unit, including the location and project where it is in use, certificates, manuals, drawings and spare parts if it is an ALMACO product. Finally, the QR Codes located on each of the equipment guides the customer to the Equipment Delivery Documentation page.

We want to make sure our customers have an effortless experience and our interactive delivery documentation is one way to achieve that.