ALMACO’s Mobile Cabin Factory

“Innovation is at the core of what we do. By applying our ingenuity and creativity, as well as listening to our customers’ needs, we innovate to find solutions to some of the most complex and challenging problems for our customers.”

ALMACO’s “Mobile Modular Cabin Factory” has been a key differentiator for the company in the shipbuilding and offshore industries for modular cabin construction. Since starting to build modular cabins, we have developed the most efficient modular construction system by creating a mobile factory that allows for the speed and quality required regardless of the size of the project.

The factory is easily modifiable for different cabin sizes and layouts for projects in any location around the world. With only two 20-feet containers full of the factory’s components, ALMACO is ready to set up shop anywhere needed. With a quick installation, production starts immediately.

ALMACO has applied the Mobile Modular Cabin Factory concept in over 12 locations around the world and has built and refurbished over 25,000 cabins and public spaces.

“ALMACO has built and refurbished
over 25,000 cabins and public spaces”