Looking towards the Future

2019 and beyond will be exciting thanks to new opportunities across segments and ALMACO’s commitment to developing a strong product and service portfolio focused on the customer needs and the latest technologies.

As the big traditional yards in the Cruise market have a full order-book for the coming years building large cruise vessels, we are excited for the new opportunities opening up in the horizon with the smaller shipyards involved in the construction of expedition vessels.

Given our long-standing presence and experience in China, we are enthusiastic to contribute towards the expansion of the cruise shipbuilding industry in the region.

Despite the recent volatility in the Offshore market, we welcome the increase in investments as operators have drastically reduced their operating expenses after the 2014 oil price drop. We have the organization, product offerings and expertise to take advantage of these new possibilities to deliver our full turnkey Living Quarters around the world.

However, we know that we cannot be successful if we don’t put our customer first. Therefore, with our Customer Care initiative, we are investing in processes and technologies that put focus on improving our experience with our customer. We want to streamline our business with modern tools and innovative concepts to meet the tough market competition, developing our people and raising awareness of new technologies across industries.

We look forward to another year of providing excellence in performance, superior customer service and constant innovation to support our customers with their Accommodation, Catering and Service needs in the marine and offshore industries.

We thank you for joining us in this journey and for sharing with us our next 20 years!